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                                                   SCOPE OF IRANSAVATO`S ACTIVITIES  

Iransavato Engineering , Manufacturing & Commercial Company was established in 1983.

The subject of company consists of :

1. To  conduct  all  aspects  of  engineering design, construction, procurement, distribution

and commercial affairs including import & export of:

A)- Water Purification Systems (reverse osmotic & MED desalination).

B)- Industrial Cleaning Systems and Equipment .

C)- Energy Sector Including Thermal Power Plants & Renewable Energy .

D)- To provide technical support for maintenance and supply of accessories and spare parts for Water Purification Systems; Industrial Cleaning Machinery and Energy Sector .                   

2. To facilitate international investment in the Water Purification, Industrial Cleaning Systems, Energy sector in line with the company objectives.

3. To support cooperation with international companies through joint-venture agreements or similar partnership collaborations related to water Purification Systems, Industrial Cleaning Systems and Energy sector .